Welcome to the charity INTO THE LIGHT. We are an English/Gambian Charity supported by moto-sol Africa from Germany. For this reason the charity Page on the moto-sol Africa site is written in English. We are dedicated to providing a schooling program to teach African men and women living in The Gambia.

Traditional African Beauty Salon
One of the many traditional beauty salons found in villages up river

Our aim is to produce a network of contacts around the world to make donations to the charity to support the students whilst they are training. These donations can be financial support to the charity or donating equipment and products needed by the charity to teach the students.

Primarily the first teaching courses will be English, Maths and Hairdressing, as the founder of this charity with over 30 years experience in the hairdressing industry; these courses are the ideal platform to start the charity. As the charity grows our plan is to expand the teaching program into broader directions still continuing with an in-depth teaching program based on the European teachings standards.

The people of Gambia have a passion for beauty and fashion that is still untouched by the western World. Their knowledge of our world is limited to TV and magazines BUT THEIR HUNGER FOR FURTHER KNOWLEDGE IS HIGH. Very few Gambians have had the privilege of obtaining visas to the Western World.

Here in The Gambia we have over 15.000 European visitors and a further 1000 visitors from the USA and Asian continents in one season (October / May). During the rainy season this reduces down to the fixed expats who live here year round. The current statistics for Gambian nationals is aprox 1.5 million, plus a further 3-5 thousand African and foreign nationals living in the Gambia. This is on the increase. In the last five years with the present feeling that for many European families Europe, though a safe continent in general are disheartened, feeling that there must be a better way of life...

The Gambia is fast becoming a destination for Europeans to find a better life outside of the western world without the entrapments and burdens that western life puts on individuals and families. These people are looking at moving to The Gambia back to a more natural life with the main concern as with all African families that family and simplicity of life is more important.

Support and Teach

Start of the Charity

Typical African wedding

This is where you as one of the supporters of this charity really engage into a teaching program that can help produce an international teaching of African students to fully understand the complex works of their chosen profession and give them the chance to live a life with the knowledge of education.

Time out visiting the monkey parkWhat do we need! We need you! Why?

What is life without Sun, Water, and Air…

These three things in life are, what to us, you are. The Sun, The Water, The Air.

Without your aid and support we cannot set up the project and help the African people who want to learn a trade, want to be able to support their families, want to send their children to school, WANT A BETTER LIFE.

How you can help!

For as little as 3€/3£ a week (the jingle in your pocket) you can help educate African students who would not normally be able to afford further education.

Equipment / tools
Trade educational books

Interested? Yes! For further information on how to support the charity you can email us on

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